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  • $9.95

    Charcoal, pressed, set / 6, 10x10x80mm

    Size: 2 x Soft, 2 x Medium, 2 x Hard
    Length: 80 mm
    Packaging: SB-packaging
    Width: 10 mm
    Height: 10 mm
    Shape / design: 3-fold sorted
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 6

  • $5.50

    Chenille assortment, blue sort., 6mm, 30cm, 25 pcs.

    Colour: Sorted blue
    Length: 30 cm
    Diameter: 6 mm
    Packaging: SB-packaging
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 25

  • $4.50

    Cock feathers, assorted colors, 10 / 12cm long, 24 pieces

    Colour: Sorted in color
    Packaging: SB-packaging
    Approximately Size: 10/12 cm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 24

  • $13.95

    Craft Felt, plates 20 x 30 cm, assorted 1,5 mm-colored

    Length: 20 cm
    Packaging: Poly-bag
    Width: 30 cm
    Strength: 1.5 mm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 10

  • $5.95

    Decorative cylinder -gold & silver

    2cm x 2,4cm – Contents: 10 pieces assorted


  • $4.95

    Decorative windmills – 6 pieces

    Colour: Sorted in color
    Material: foil
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 6


  • $5.50

    Glitter Styrofoam balls 3cm -white- 9 pcs

    Colour: Iris / Iridescent
    Colour: White
    Diameter: 3 cm
    Material: Styrofoam
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 9 pcs.


  • $4.50

    Marabu feathers, assorted colors, ca.12cm long, 17 pieces

    Colour: Sorted in color
    Packaging: SB-packaging
    Approximately Size: 12 cm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 17

  • $9.55

    Metal Deco “Bicycle” -black- 10 x 6cm

    Colour: black
    Length: 10 centimeters
    Packaging: Roof skylights bag
    Material: metal
    Height: 6 cm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 1 piece.


  • $8.95

    Metal deco “sun lounger” -white, 11 x 3.5 x 2 cm

    Colour: White
    Length: 11 cm
    Packaging: Roof skylights bag
    Material: metal
    Width: 2 cm
    Height: 3,5 cm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 1 piece.


  • $8.95

    Mini hanger baskets, 2 pieces

    Colour: brown
    Diameter: 50 mm
    Material: Wood
    Height: 60 mm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 2 pieces.


  • $7.95

    Mini Satin Roses 28 pieces assorted in blister

    Colour: White
    Colour: red
    Colour: Bright pink
    Diameter: 1 cm
    Packaging: transparent box
    Material: satin
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 24 pcs.


  • $8.95

    Ostrich Feather

    2 pieces

  • $7.00

    Papermate – 0.7 mm InkJoy Gel Retractable Pen

    InkJoy Gel pen offers brighter and bolder colors than ever and a premium ink system for super-smooth ink that delivers crisp, clean lines for effortless writing. Specifically designed for the highest levels of comfort and style, it features a premium barrel design with a full body length grip and metallic accents throughout the pen.

    • Delivers on smoothness, comfort and color vibrancy
    • Full-length grip for extra comfort
    • Bright, bold color brightens up your writing
    • Modern clip looks like it’s floating

    Colour: Black | Blue

  • $7.95

    Peacock Feather in SB-bag, 3 pcs. – about 30 cm long



    Approximately Size:30 cm

    Content / Pieces, Parts:3

  • $1.75

    Pentel BX417- Retractable Ballpoint Pen 0.7mm

    • Innovative low viscosity inks gives a smooth writing feel
    • Slim barrel makes it easy to hold
    • Latex free rubber grip for writing comfort
    • Retractable ballpoint pen
    • 0.7 mm tip
    • Colour || Black | Red | Blue
  • $3.25

    Pentel BX487- Feel It Ballpoint Pen .07mm

    • Ball Pen with Cap
    • Low viscosity ink provides a more comfortable writing experience
    • Vivid colours
    • Attributes and transparent barrel to match ink color
    • Comfortable rubber grip
  • $3.25

    Pentel BX490- Feel It Ballpoint Pen 1.0 mm

    • The Feel-it!’s bright and sleek design is a refreshing take on the affordable stick ballpoint.
    • Pentel’s innovative low-viscosity ink and quick-drying formula gives a smooth writing experience, perfect for both right and left handed users.
    • 1.0mm needle-tip
    • It’s light and slim body and triangular latex-free grip aides with fatigue-free writing over prolonged periods.
  • $6.50

    PRIMO – Acrylic Tube Paints 75ml Assorted Colours

    Fine acrylic paint, in tubes, many fluo colours. Water-based paint of the finest quality with a high concentration of pigmented acrylic suspension. Characterized by high opacity, once dry it is completely permanent. It can be applied easily, and washes are consistent, elastic, vivid, pleasant and resistant to the touch.

  • $7.95

    PRIMO- Poster 300ml Paint Many Colours

    High quality poster paint, in bottles with a flow-control cap, in a range of six colours. It allows for the creation of opaque shadings and can be layered once it is completely dried. The paint stroke is uniform with excellent results in brightness and intensity. It can be used on different types of surface such as paper, cardboard, wood, textiles, glass, terra-cotta, metal and plastic. It can be fixed with varnish or other suitable product. It can be used together with the entire Morocolor water-based product range. Stains should be removed following the instructions provided.

  • $3.95

    Sequins “letters”, gold and silver, 1,400 pcs.

    Colour: Sorted in color
    Packaging: SB-packaging
    Material: plastic
    Shape / design: motive
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 1400

  • $42.95

    Sheaffer Ion Gel Rollerball Pen

    Your go-to, on-the-go pen!

    The pen designed to go anywhere you do.

    Never be caught without a pen. This pocket-sized retractable pen clips to nearly anything, so you can be quick on the draw whenever inspiration strikes!

    • Pocket-sized retractable gel pen
    • Modern design in vibrantly colored finishes
    • Slide open to write and close to store
    • Detachable cap with a ring that can clip onto other items
    • Features the Sheaffer White Dot®, the trademark symbol of writing excellence
  • $3.95

    Skeleton leaves, ca.4-6 cm, 10 pieces

    Length: 4,0 – 6,0 cm
    Packaging: SB-packaging
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 10

  • $4.95

    Sparkling champagne bottle 1 piece -gold-glitter-

    Colour: gold
    Diameter: 18mm
    Material: Wood
    Height: 80mm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 1 piece.


  • $1.95

    Sponge Block, 3 pieces

    Gray mini sponges for the artist area.


    Colour: Gray
    Length: 6 cm
    Packaging: OPP bag
    Material: foam
    Width: 5 cm
    Height: 5 cm


  • $1.95

    Stabilo Fine Liner Retractable Ballpoint

    The STABILO liner 308 is a refillable ballpoint pen with click mechanism. It will suit school children, students and office workers alike. It´s for all those who write a lot – and quickly. It offers a comfortable grip zone, a special mechanism for smooth retraction of the tip and a crystal clear shaft. It is available with 6 ink colours and two line widths.

    Colour || Black | Red | Blue

  • $13.50

    Stamping Block for Carving

    Colour: White
    Length: 210 mm
    Width: 150 mm
    Strength: 5.0 mm


  • $4.95

    Tape measure 150 cm

    Colour: yellow
    Length: 150cm
    Width: 2cm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 1


  • $4.50

    Turkey Mollenfedern, assorted colors, about 10 / 12cm long

    Colour: Sorted in color
    Packaging: SB-packaging
    Approximately Size: 10/12 cm
    Content / Pieces, Parts: 20

  • $28.95

    XTECH Galos optical mouse XTM-310

    4-button wireless optical mouse with contoured shape and textured grip sides.

    Easy to install plug and play nano dongle that can be stowed away inside the mouse.

    Comes in Black, Blue & Green