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  • $2.00$3.95

    Adding Machine Rolls

    Adding Machine Rolls

  • $41.50

    CANON F605 Scientific Calculator

    10+2 digit exponent high contrast LCD display, 154 functions, battery powered. Protective case included.

  • $69.95

    CANON Scientific Calculator F-792SGA

    • Easy to see natural display. 648 functions including LCM, GCD Function, Quotient & Remainder, Random Integers, Probability Distribution Calculations, Complex Number Calculation and more
    • 38 built-in formulas
    • Shell is made from recycled plastic
  • $42.50

    Casio 10 Digit Calculator

    10-Digit Display Pink Color

    Extra Large display Display

    Independent Memory

    Time Calculations, Tax Calculations, 3-Digit Comma Markers,

    Profit Margin %, Back Space Key

    Solar powered with battery backup

  • $21.75

    Casio HS8VA 8 Digit Calculator

    A large 8 digit calculator, plastic keys, percent key , +/- sign change, MU key, square root, dual power, silver casing and comes with a protective wallet. This HS-8VA model is the perfect addition to any office or classroom, and its dual solar/battery power means that this calculator will not waste battery power when there is enough light present.

  • $46.85

    Casio MS-80B 8 Digit Calculator

    Two-way Power: Solar and Battery

    Large 8 digit display

    Desktop calculator

    Tax and Currency conversion, Function and Command Signs

    On and Off buttons, Profit margin %, +/-, Key Rollove

  • $304.50

    Casio Printing Calculator CC-DR120R

    This desktop printing calculator prints 4.4 lines per second with two-color printing and Cost/Sell/Margin functionality. Reprint print allows you to print multiple copies. Change Key functions like a cash register.

  • $24.95

    Duracell C Batteries 2 pk

    DURACELL Coppertop 1.5V Size C Alkaline Battery, 2-pack Battery Voltage: 1.5V

  • $12.85

    ENERGIZER 9V Batteries

    Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application.

  • $15.75

    ENERGIZER AA Batteries 4pk

    Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application.

  • $17.50

    ENERGIZER AAA Batteries 4pk

    Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application.


  • $28.55

    ENERGIZER D4 Batteries 4 Pack

    4-pack of Energizer MAX alkaline D batteries

  • $32.50

    Oxford Scientific Calculator 240 Functions

    • Features:240 functions, 2 line, large display, Shows 10 digits + 2 digit exponents,
    • The two-line display makes it possible to view both the calculation formula and its result at the same time
    • Ideal for both basic and scientific calculations
    • Hard protective sliding cover, Durable, plastic keys, Auto power off and Replaceable batteries
  • $7.95$13.95

    Powerone Batteries AAA, AA, C, D, 9V

    • Powerful energy for many devices, e.g. battery-operated toys, wireless mouse, flashlights and many more
  • $224.95

    SHARP EL-1501 Paperless Printing Calculator

    • PRINTING CALCULATOR LOGIC – This is a printing calculator and DOES NOT function like a standard desktop calculator
    • CORDLESS – This compact and paperless printing calculator makes it easy to transfer from one workspace to the next. Requires 4 AA batteries (included)
    • 12-DIGIT DISPLAY – Combination of a 12-digit display and a 5-line scrolling LCD that stores up to 300 entries eliminates the need for paper and ink
    • COST, SELL & MARGIN KEYS – These keys make for quick and easy profit margin calculations (simply enter two variables and the third automatically appears)
    • MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS – Decimal, rounding, percent, sign change, backspace, and grand total functions help solve a variety of mathematical problems
  • $339.95

    SHARP EL2196 2 Colour Printing Calculator

    12 digit easy to read, extra large display. Heavy duty, high speed ink ribbon printer. Black and red print. Memory and tax keys.

  • $21.50

    Sharp EL240S 8 Digit Calculator

    • Extra Large Display – 8-digit LCD display with punctuation
    • Twin Power Solar Operation – automatically switches from solar to battery power in low light
    • 3-Key Memory – includes memory plus, memory minus and recall/clear memory keys
    • Additional Features – percent square root keys and sign change keys, last answer function, and slant display
  • $339.95

    Sharp Printing 12 Digit 2 Col. Calculator

    • 12-Digit Commerical Printing Calcualtor
    • Fast 4.8 Lines/sec., 2-color ribbon printer
    • Easy-to-read 17mm fluorescent blue display
    • Grand total function with selector
    • 2 independently accessible 4-key memories
    • Tax calculations from stored tax rate key
    • Item count model to keep track of entries made
  • $25.50

    CANON LS270G 8digit

    Ultra compact 8 digit dual power calculator with large liquid crystal display and wallet cover.

  • $42.50

    Bazic Desktop Calculator

    12-Digit Desktop Calculator w/ Profit Calculation & Tax Functions

  • $10.95

    Merangue 8 Digit Dual Powered Mini Calculator

    • 8 digit, dual powered
    • Auto power off
    • Memory keys, square root, percentage
    • Bright colours – black, white, pink, green, blue
  • $14.95

    Merangue Desk Top Calculator

    • 12 digit, dual powered
    • Auto power off
    • Grand total, mark up, memory, square root, percentage keys
  • $29.95

    CANON LS82Z 8-digit

    8 digit extra large angled display. Compact size. Solar/Battery powered. 3.25″ x 4.25″ approximate size.

  • $55.95

    CANON HS-1200-TS 12-digit

    12 digit, large upright display, attractive metallic finish. Solar/battery powered. Tax, grand, total and sign change keys. Business and sales calculations. 6.75″ x 4.75″ approximate size.

  • $38.95

    CANON LS-100TS 10-digit

    10 digit large display, attractive metallic finish. Solar/battery powered. Easy to use tax keys, business and sales calculations. 5.25″ x 4″ approximate size.

  • $33.95

    SHARP EL-330WB 10-digit

    • “Extra-large, angled LCD displays crisp digits to prevent reading errors”
    • Durable keys are comfortably spaced for accurate data entry
    • Cost-sell-margin keys allow quick profit margin calculations
    • “Backspace key allows fast, simple corrections for time-saving use”
    • “Also includes currency conversion functions, backspace key and more”
  • $36.50

    SHARP EL-334T 10-digit

    Extra-large 1-line, 10-digit LCD. Dual-power, switches from solar to battery power in low light. Kick-stand converts calculator from handheld to desktop. Large rubberized buttons, 4-key memory.

  • $111.95

    SHARP EL-738FB Financial Calculator

    • EL-738FB financial calculator computes all time-value-of-money calculations for business and educational purposes
    • Design that delivers high availability, scalability, and for maximum flexibility and price/performance
    • New 2-Line display and Play Back Function.
    • Power Supply CR2032 battery
    • Can do Financial Calculation (time-value-of-money).
    • Can do Amortization Calculations and Interest Rate Conversions.
    • Can do 2 Variable statistics with liner regression.
  • $55.95

    CANON F719SG Scientific Calculator

    Dot-Matrix 4-line display basic scientific calculator with 302 functions, 38 built -in formulas and battery/ solar dual power. Stylish green color shell casing is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.

  • $354.90

    Casio DR-210TM Printing Calculator

    CASIO Desk-Top Printing Calculator DR-210TM

    This heavy-duty calculator is engineered for all your business needs. This calculator is capable of producing 4.4 lines per second, for even the fastest calculation entry. With a large, 12-digit display that is 33% larger than comparable models, and a printer than seamlessly switched between black and red, the DR-210TM, makes quick work of even the most demanding equations.

    Easier to Use – Designed and Engineered for Performance
    • Prints up to 4.4 lines per second
    • Two color (black and red) printing
    • Large 12-digit Digitron display
    • Cost/Sell/Margin
    • Tax Calculations
    • Item Counter
    • Grand Total
    • AC adaptor
    • Heavy-duty keys that do not fade or wear