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  • $28.95

    FAPI Compass 165mm Blue

    FAPI 165mm Compass. Available in blue. Performs circumferences of up to 280mm.


  • $25.50

    Helix Oracle Math Set

    • Patented self-centring metal compass with safety point
    • 2 HB pencils, Pvc & Phthalate free Eraser
    • Two hole pencil sharpener
    • 45° & 60° set squares & 360° protractor with unique rotating device.
    • Folding 300mm/ 30cm metric ruler featuring patented snap hinge.
  • $11.50

    HELIX OXFORD Spring bow compass

    Oxford branded self-centring spring bow compass. Thumb wheel allows for micro setting precision
    adjustments. and to maintain consistent accuracy. Ideal for technical use. Includes removable point and
    spare leads.

  • $8.50

    ONYX & BLUE Geometry Set

    12 piece set includes compass, divider, protractor, two set squares, ruler, eraser, sharperner, pen, pencil, stencil, conversion table, in a metal case.

  • -9%

    ONYX & Blue Math Set

    Plastic case which includes compass, extra leads, divider, protractor, two set squares, ruler, eraser, pencil and sharpener.

  • $9.95

    OXFORD Geometry Set

    . Metal case. Includes compass, divider, protractor, two set squares, ruler, eraser and sharpener.

    . Three Colours Available, Blue, Green and Pink Cases

  • $19.95

    FAPI – Black & White board Rule

    Black & White board rule with handle made of Laminated Fibre, Similar to Beech Wood

  • $14.95

    FAPI – Blackboard – 45º Degree Set Square

    Teaching Instrument 45º Degree Set Square for Green/Black Boards and Whiteboards made in sturdy yellow plastic.


  • $31.95

    STAEDTLER Geomaster Compass

    Sturdy precision geometry instrument with centre wheel and spring bow head. Maximum circle approximately 240mm.

  • $2.70

    STAEDTLER Spare Leads Box

    HB leads for compasses. 4 leads/tube