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  • $107.50

    Mesh Partition Additions™ Triple File Pocket

    • Organizes documents and files; features contemporary mesh design
    • First pocket offers 4” capacity, others offer 1-½” capacity
    • Mounts on partitions 1-1/2” to 3” wide to save desktop space
    • Product is 100% recyclable
    • Includes hardware for mounting to drywall
  • $66.95

    OSCO Faux Leather Desk Pad – Large

    Classically finished in jet black faux leather with 45 degree ‘tuck-in’ corners and soft, black felt underside this full demy desk mat is the finishing touch for any desk.

  • $7.50

    OSCO Mesh Pen Pot – Black, White, Silver and Rose Gold

    The Small Pen Pot is a small organizer for office stationary.

    Colours available in:

    • Rose Gold
    • Silver
    • White
    • Black
  • $27.95

    Snopake Rainbow and Black 13-Part Stepped Expanding Organiser

    A4 organiser with 13 bright coloured stepped dividers and index sticky labels with a business card holder on the front for personalisation. This A4 organiser holds up to 650 sheets of paper and is perfect for organising and carrying documents while on the move.

  • $28.55

    Snopake Rainbow and Black A4 13-Part Desk Organiser

    A high capacity A4 desk expander with 13 bright coloured dividers offering a transportable storage solution for better and efficient document management

  • $55.95

    Snopake Rainbow and Black A4 24-Part Desk Organiser

    A high capacity A4 desk expander with 24 bright coloured dividers offering a transportable storage solution for better and efficient document management.The expanding landscape design is ideal for use on a desk or shelf where space is limited and can store up to 1800 sheets of paper.

  • Sale

    Plastic Pen Cup – Assorted Colours

    Opaque plastic pen cup holds pen, pencils, rulers, scissors and other essentials. Available in red (OUT OF STOCK), blue, black, violet (ON SALE) and grey.

  • $27.95

    Desk Tidy – Wire Mesh

    Desk organizer with five tubular compartments to hold pens, clips and other desk essentials. Fashionable wire mesh in silver color.  Contents not included.

  • $46.95

    Desk Top Bureau – black wire mesh

    Fashionable black wire mesh design with compartments for mail, pens, memo pads and cell phone etc. Drawer provides storage for small items.

  • $49.95

    Desk Top Bureau Faux Leather

    • Classically designed and solidly constructed, this desk organizer is the perfect solution for holding all your desktop clutter
  • $36.95

    Desk Top Bureau Wire Mesh Assorted Colours – Medium

    • This unique desk organizer made of high-density silver wire mesh from OSCO is the perfect storage solution for your desk and guarantees stability and longevity.
    • 6 compartments and a small drawer provide space for pens, envelopes, etc. Rubber pads on the bottom protect your work surface from scratches. 
    • Dimensions: 140mm high x 220mm wide x 150mm deep. Weight: 550g
  • $17.95

    Drawer Tray Silver Wire Mesh

    • The mesh tray can fit in a draw or on top of your desk and is easily wiped clean.
    • Length 255mm x Width 135mm Height 30mm
    • Also available in the Silver Wire Mesh range
  • $73.95

    Desk Organizer – Faux Leather

    • Organize a rich faux brown leather, the ultimate luxury in a stylish office. Smart Phone compartment, notebook, CD, etc. – extractable drawer for trombones.
    • Measurements: L.290 mm x W.150 mm x H.140 mm. Weight: 0.98 kg
    • Discover the OSCO premium quality luxurious brown leather imitation collection, a full range of office equipment and storage space, which provides a refined and attractive way to keep your office and surroundings uncluttered. 
    • Elegant and highly functional, these products are durable and stain resistant, easy to clean.
  • $14.95

    Drawer Organizer plastic

    Assorted size compartments hold all your desk essentials.  Smoke or black coloured plastic. (Contents not included.)

  • $19.95

    OSCO – Memo Holder Assorted Colours

    • Keeps all your memos in one convenient place, 400 sheets included
    • Length 110mm x Width 115mm Height 77mm
    • Also available in the Black Wire Mesh range
  • $3.95

    Refill Paper for Memo Holders

    250 sheets of 75gms paper per pack. 3 7/8″x 3 7/8″