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  • $3.30

    Sponge Scourers 2pk, yellow

    Superclean premium sponge scourers with handgrip shape. Tough and abrasive.

  • $3.95

    3M Scotch Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponge

    • Clean without scratching
    • Safe for non-stick cookware
    • Comfortable, easy-to-hold shape
  • $3.00

    Sponge Scourers Non-Stick 2pk, green

    Premium Non stick Pan Cleaners clean without scratching.

  • $3.95

    SEK Sponge Wipe

    Super absorbent, anti-bacterial wipe. 17cm x 19cm.

  • $14.45

    Lavatory Brush Set

    White round lavatory brush set with stiff bristles to ensure a powerful clean.

  • $5.95

    Scrub Brush with handle

    This versatile brush has an ergonomically designed comfortable grip.

  • $28.55

    Dust Pan Brush Set Blue/Red

    This dustpan is lightweight but durable and has a rubber lipped edge for picking up even small debris. The soft bristled handle comes with a hole for hanging away when not in use.

  • $28.55

    Long Handle Dust Pan Set

    Plastic dust pan and brush set. Convenient long handles, no need for bending to sweep up dirt.

  • $18.30

    Cobweb Duster

    Broom with extendable handle reaches high places to dust away cobwebs.

  • $27.30

    Mop Bucket with wringer

    14 Litre Mop Bucket

  • $16.50

    White Cotton Mop

    9″ Cotton fibres with wooden handle.

  • $23.95

    12″ Floor Broom, nylon bristles

    Plastic body, self tightening screw mechanism and nylon bristles. Wooden handle included.