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    APC Power-Saving Timer Essential SurgeArrest, 4 Outlet Wall Tap

    4-outlet wall mount surge protector

    4 timer controlled outlets can be programmed to turn on or off throughout the day; Note: timer settings affect all 4 outlets (outlets cannot be programmed independently)

    Designed to fit a 2-outlet configuration. Center screw firmly mounts unit on the wall, or can be removed by gently lifting off the red washer on the back of the uni

  • $79.95

    APC Surge Protector 7 Outlet

    7 outlet surge protector power strip

    6 foot power cord with flat end 90 degree space saving plug

    Recessed power switch and keyholes for wall mounting

  • $62.50

    FELLOWES Power Strip 6 Outlet

    Heavy Duty metal housing. Resettable 15 amp circuit breaker. Power switch controls all 6 outlets. Rugged 6 foot power cord.

  • $21.75

    12ft Indoor Extension Cord

    Indoor extension cord, 12ft. Polarized for convenient use. Safety cover permanently attached.

  • $29.75

    Power Strip – 6 outlet

    Built-in circuit breaker, on/off switch and 18″ heavy duty power cord.