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  • $24.50

    CRAYOLA Glitter Markers 6

    Crayola Glitter Markers feature bright, bold, and sparkly hues, adding an extra dazzling touch to homemade cards, crafts, and colorful art projects.

  • $21.50

    CRAYOLA Washable Markers Tri-Colour

    Three colors in one Crayola tri-color markers have a special Segmented tip with three colors in each marker create with each color separately or use all three colors at once Includes 5 washable tri-color markers 15 vivid colors in all.

  • $10.95

    Primo- Jumbo Wax Crayons 12’s

    Jumbo wax crayons, unwrapped, in PP box, 12 colours.

    We made these wax crayons small and chubby on purpose, so even the young children like them. It is easy to draw on paper and cardboard and obtain thicker layers or delicate shadings.

  • $29.85

    STAEDTLER Ergosoft Triangular Coloured Pencils – 24 count

    • Hexagonal colouring pencil
    • Anti-Break System (ABS) for uninterrupted creativity
    • Lacquered in lead colour for easy identification and differentiation of colours
    • Smooth, easy to sharpen and colour-intensive results
  • $12.95

    STAEDTLER Noris Club Wax Crayons – Box of 8

    Especially break-resistant; Pack of 8

  • $22.75

    STAEDTLER Noris Club wax Crayons – Triangular – 10 Colours

    Wax crayon in ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy colouring. Ideal for first writing and drawing exercises. Highly break-resistant

  • $3.59

    CRAYOLA Crayons 8s

    Regular size colouring crayons. Bright colours. Non toxic. 8/pack.

  • $6.30

    CRAYOLA Crayons 16s

    Regular size colouring crayons. Bright colours. Non toxic. 16/pack.

  • $7.85

    CRAYOLA Crayons 24s

    Regular size colouring crayons. Bright colours. Non toxic. 24/pack.

  • $4.05

    STABILO Wax Crayons 12s

    Non Toxic. Easy colouring, vivid colours. Twelve attractive colours.

  • $4.95$6.85

    Reeves Wax Crayons

    These Reeves Colour It Wax Crayons are perfect for kids to draw and colour with as they have no sharp points. Wax Crayons are an essential part of children’s first colouring experience.

    Each crayon is wrapped in a protective paper which avoids mess and helps with grip.

  • $12.95

    CRAYOLA Triangular Crayons 16s

    Promotes proper writing grip. Non-toxic, non-washable. Great for colouring & drawing, will not roll off a table or desk. Strong large size. Includes tray & plastic lid for storage.

  • $5.95

    PELIKAN Jumbo Crayons 12s

    Larger, easier to hold crayons especially for smaller children. 12 assorted bright colours per box. Non-toxic.

  • $12.95

    CRAYOLA Jumbo Crayons 8s

    Extra large size. Easy to hold, hard to break, perfect for small hands. Non toxic. 8/pack.

  • $4.95

    STABILO Yippy Wax Jumbo Crayons 8s

    Non Toxic. Vivid Colours. 8 attractive colours for smaller hands.

  • $8.95

    S/ART “BIG ONES” Crayons 8s

    Really big fun crayons. 8 assorted colours per pack. Easy to hold, perfect for small hands.

  • $19.95

    Sargent Art Count Fine Tip Markers 24’s

    • 24-Count Fine Tip Markers
    • Fine line assorted set comes in a peggable box
    • AP certified as non-toxic
  • $5.50

    Chubbi Stumps Crayons 8s

    Ideal first crayon, long lasting and extremely hard to break. Eight assorted colours per box.

  • $11.50

    REEVES Jumbo Wax Crayons 16s

    Each crayon barrel is wrapped with protective paper, which helps the smallest hand to grip them.

  • $11.50

    CRAYOLA Twistable Crayons 8s

    • No sharpening or label peeling needed.
    • Break-resistant, clear plastic barrel shows crayon supply.
    • Built-in eraser on each crayon makes for easy changes and corrections anytime.
    • Eight vibrant colors.
  • $4.65

    CRAYOLA Washable School Glue, 4-Oz

    • Great for paper, fabric and cardboard
    • No run formula makes the glue stay where you put it
    • Special applicator tip will not clog
    • No-lose cap slides onto the lid while glue is in use
    • Made in Korea
    • Crayola 4oz No Run School Glue makes gluing easier and neater than ever
    • Dries clear and doesn’t crack
    • Special applicator tip will not clog
    • Washable non-toxic dries clear and does not crack making gluing easier and neater than ever
    • School Glue
  • $13.50

    STABILO Power Markers 12s

    Fiber tip pens with 2mm line width. Will not dry out. 12 assorted bright colours in a re-closable wallet.

  • $7.80

    PELIKAN Twist Fibre Tip Pens 12s

    Ergonomically designed triangular non-toxic water-based ink fiber tip pens. 2mm tip width and vented cap. 12 assorted bright colours.

  • $10.95

    STAEDTLER 10s Fibre Tip Markers

    Water based ink, washes out of most fabrics. Pressure resistant tip, 1mm line width. Brilliant colours. Re-closable plastic wallet. 10/pack.

  • $21.95

    STAEDTLER 20s Fibre Tip Markers

    Water based ink, washes out of most fabrics. Pressure resistant tip, 1mm line width. Brilliant colours. Re-closable plastic wallet. 20/pack.

  • $8.15

    S/ART Washable Broad Tip Markers 10s

    Markers wash from most fabrics and skin with soap and water. Non Toxic and AP Certified. 10 assorted colours per pack.

  • $21.50

    PELIKAN “Soft Gel” Pens 10s