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  • $4.95

    Small Cutting Knife

    Kw trio small cutting knife is perfect to take on the go.


    Tough ABS handle
    ‧ Strong steel channel
    ‧ Adjustable and firm blade lock
    ‧ 2 spare blades included

  • $8.95

    Heavy Duty Cutter w/ 2 blades

    Heavy duty cutter, ABS handle, stainless steel blade channel, slide-out lock and snap off blade. 2 spare blades included.

  • $8.95

    Skandia Utility Knife

    Skandia breakaway knife, also called hobby knife, professional model. Ideal for cutting heavier work and all sorts of jobs. If, in use, the tip becomes blunt or residues remain stuck to the tip, after cutting off the old point, the blade is again sharp and clean. Wide model with 18 mm wide knife. Metal version, streamlined handle, steel knife holder. Automatic safety blocking. Comes complete with one strip of breaker blades with 8 break points. Total length 155 mm.

  • $4.05

    Replacement Blades

    Snap-off blades for standard cutters. 10 per tube.

  • $2.20

    TRUPER Replacement Blades 10/pk

    10 replacement snap-off blades for utility knives by TRUPER or STANLEY.

  • $7.10

    TRUPER Snap-Off Blade Knife

    Multi purpose knife with snap-off blade for cutting paper, film, cardboard, foam board etc. 3 refill blades included.

  • $9.45

    Art Knife with 5 blades

    For precision cutting of paper, plastic, cloth, film etc. With safety cap and 5 spare blades.

  • $4.95

    Spare Blades for Art Knife 5pk

    Replacement blades for art knife. 5/tube

  • $23.50

    Rotary Cutter

    Cuts through paper or cloth with a single stroke and clean edge. Ergonomic soft grip handle gives cutting comfort and control.  45mm blade is designed to retract safely when the handle is released. One straight blade included, replacement blade assortments sold separately.

  • $17.50

    Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade Set – 3 assorted

    Replacement 45mm blade set for Rotary Cutter. Set contains 1 each straight, perforating and pinking.

  • $14.50

    Rotary Cutter Replacement Blade Set – 3 straight

    Replacement 45mm Blade Set for Rotary Cutter. Set contains 3 Straight Blades.