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  • $3.60

    Helix 30cm/300mm Flexible Ruler – Assorted Colours

    These rules are made from ultra flexible PVC that makes them very bendy and great fun.

    30 cm/300 mm

  • $8.95

    Helix Triangular Scale Rule 30cm/300mm

    Helix Triangular Scale Rule is ideal for architecture and scale technical drawing. Features clear colour codes graduations, printed using UV ink for optimal resistance.

  • $3.75

    Clear Ruler with Design

    • 12″/30 cm
    • 2 Sided ruler with one side in inches and the other in cm
  • $14.95

    Dual Zipper Pull with Velcro Closure

    • Oblong shaped roll pouch has sewn in interior compartment just below the mesh front exterior
    • Interior compartment has loops to hold your favorite writing instruments and everything else is tucked away safely
    • 7 7/8″ x 4 ¾” x 2 ¾”
  • $1.85

    Plastic Ruler 12″/ 30 cm

    Standard, transparent shatter-resistant 30cm (12 in) rulers.


    • Graduated in both inches and millimetres
    • 30cm length
  • $0.85

    Plastic Ruler 6″/ 15cm

    Metric and imperial scale, clear plastic.

  • $10.85

    TIGER – Folding Ruler

    • 30cm rule (folds to 15cm)
    • Ideal for pencil cases
    • Clear with cm & mm markings
    • Can also draw angles to 180 degrees in 15 degree lots.
  • $3.95

    Wrist Wrap Coil Key Chain

    Expandable coiled wrist bands with removable metal split key ring.

  • $15.75

    Flexible S/Steel Ruler 24″/60cm

    With metric and imperial scale and non-slip cork backing.

  • $11.75

    Flexible S/Steel Ruler18″/45cm WARRIOR

    With metric and imperial scale and non-slip cork backing.

  • $4.75$6.50

    Stainless Steel w/ Cork Back Ruler

    Non-skid cork backing –  Flexible – Hole punched for hanging

  • $7.25

    Stainless Steel Ruler 12″ ONYX & BLUE

    Flexible stainless steel ruler with non slip cork backing. 30cm/12″.

  • $19.95

    HELIX Plastic T-Square

    Imperial and metric grading on raised edges, parallel blade,  65cm.

  • $33.55

    HELIX Wooden T-Square 65cm

    All wooden T-Square, A2 size/ 65cm with scale.