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  • $22.95

    CRAYOLA Art Apron

    Creativity smock protects children’s clothes during projects! Soft 100% Polyester fibers wipe clean after each use.

  • $8.95

    SARGENT ART – Tempera Paint 16oz

    Sargent Art 16-OZ Art Time Tempera

  • $10.75

    SCOLA Textile Paints

    6 assorted bright neon colour textile paints.600ml

  • $17.50$37.90

    REEVES Canvas

    • Stretcher suitable for all painting techniques with oil, acrylic and gouache, tempera paints gutens
    • Canvas primed with double slightly absorbent universal primer, 100% cotton, acid-free
    • Maltuch made of durable cotton fabric in a fine-grained structure with a grammage of 230 g / m150
    • Ready-to-use painting surface for every painting technique – whether with brushes or palette knives
    • The artist wedge frame was made of wood

    Available in: 40x50cm, 50x60cm, 60x80cm

  • $11.95

    REEVES Oil Pastels 12s

    These pastels are suitable for use in classrooms or at home and can be used on paper, card and canvas. Can be used dry for drawing and sketching or when used with turpentine they can be blended with a brush.

  • $12.35

    REEVES Soft Pastels 12s

    Extremely soft and easy to apply, they are perfect for color blending and are suitable for use on textured paper or card. 12 square pastels  per pack.

  • $13.50

    REEVES Tempera Paint Blocks

    Simply wet a paint brush and lift the color off the block. Colors can even be mixed on the block’s surface and wiped clean with a sponge or wet paper towel.

  • $6.90

    PELIKAN Watercolour Set 12s

    These non toxic washable water colours are great for school and craft use. 12 intense colours in a plastic case with cover and brush.

  • $15.90

    SARGENT ART Poster Paints 12s

    These water soluble, washable paints dry to a non-permanent finish. They can be used on cardboard, posterboard and similar materials. 12 piece set includes 2 metallic colours.

  • $7.50

    SARGENT ART Poster Paints 6s

    These paints thin easily with water, and dry to a brilliant finish. Paints clean up with soap and water. Can be used on cardboard, poster-board or paper. Great for home or school. Includes 6 bright colors.

  • $7.40

    PELIKAN Poster Paints 6s

    Water soluble washable paints in assorted colors. 6 x 25ml tubs

  • $26.95

    Sargent Art Tempera Cakes 6’s

    • Easy-to-use teaching tool to help children learn about colors
    • Can be stored from year to year without freezing or drying out
    • Includes: red, yellow, blue, green, black and white
    • Cake size: 2.25-inch by 0.75-inch
  • $10.95

    SARGENT ART Acrylic Paints 6s

    6 Quality Acrylic Colors. Dry permanent and waterproof. Sargent Art Acrylic Paints mix together well to create new colors.

  • $19.95

    SARGENT ART Acrylic Paints 12s

    12 Quality acrylic colors mix together well to create new colors. Dry permanent and waterproof.

  • $15.50

    S/ART Acrylic Tube Paint Sets 12s

    Twelve high quality aluminum tube acrylic paints. Ready to use, right from the tube, 12ml ea. Acid free and dries waterproof.

  • $27.95

    REEVES Water Colour Paint Set – 12s

    Watercolours – for wonderful effects of light and texture. Watercolours are diluted with water and require no solvents. Brushes and material can be easily cleaned with soap and water. 12 x 10ml tubes

  • $11.50

    REEVES Gloss Varnish

    Permanent, glossy, non yellowing varnish to protect finished paintings. 75ml bottle.

  • $8.50

    Fabric Paint 150ml Water Based

    A range of water based, ready to use fabric paints that can be made permanent by ironing. All color ranges are fully inter-mixable.

  • $5.85

    SARGENT ART Paint Palette Flower Shape 6 Well

    Plastic Flower Shape Palette. Holds 6 color paints.

  • $1.95

    Paint Palette 17 wells

    Plastic palette for mixing paints.  17 paint wells.

  • $11.95

    Meyercordt – Wooden Palette-Oval

    Colour: nature
    Size: 18 cm x 24 cm
    Packaging: loose
    Material: Wood
    Shape / design: oval

  • $3.99

    Paint Pallet – 8 well

    Plastic paint pallet with 6 large and 2 small wells.

  • $6.25

    SARGENT ART Paint Palette 8 Well

    Plastic Paint Palette. 8 wells and brush recess.

  • $12.35

    CRAYOLA Art Smock

    Protects clothing from spills. Easy to clean sleeveless  smock with 3 pockets.

  • $31.95

    Cash Apron Nylon H/Duty

    • Heavy duty nylon construction
    • 6 Individual pockets hold cash, pens/pencils, tickets, note pad or portable credit card terminal
    • Adjustable – one size fits waists up to 45″
    • Size 16” x 10 1/8″
  • $7.95

    SARGENT ART Smart Smock

     Long sleeve kidssmart smock. Made of cool & breathable material. Comfortable and lightweight for kids to wear. Opening can be worn in front or back. Easy to use hook & loop fasteners. Easy to wash or launder.