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  • $22.95

    CRAYOLA Art Apron

    Creativity smock protects children’s clothes during projects! Soft 100% Polyester fibers wipe clean after each use.

  • $29.95

    Melissa & Doug Artist Smock

    Easy-clean Artist Smock: The Melissa & Doug Art Essentials Artist smock keeps kids neat and clean. It features a write-on chest pocket (for dry-erase markers), an easy-clean surface, roomy storage pockets, and adjustable straps

  • $9.75

    Poster Metallic Paints 6’s

    Primo metallic poster paint comes in 6’s, giving you a metallic finish for all painting needs.

  • $9.75

    PRIMO – 25x35cm 100% Cotton Canvas

    Primo 100% cotton canvas 25 x 35 cm and stapled back.

  • $10.95

    PRIMO – Acrylic Paint Pots 6’s

    Primo Acrylic paint pots comes in 6 bright colours.

  • $6.90

    PRIMO – Finger Paints Pots 4’s

    Finger Paint Pots perfect for kids now starting out in painting. Also super washable so no worries about cleaning up after.

  • $5.95

    PRIMO – Oval Mixing Palettes

    The Primo Oval mixing pallete gives you the freedom to mix in 12 individual mixing slots.

  • $12.50

    PRIMO – Poster Paints 12’s

    Shiny poster paints and highly pigmented poster paints.

  • $6.85

    PRIMO – Poster Paints Pots 6’s

    Primo premium 6 paint pots poster paints.

  • Primo – Pouring Medium 500ml

    Our Morocolor acrylic paint medium is presented in a 500ml bottle. It should be mixed with children’s acrylic paints to make them suitable for pouring technique optimizing performance.

  • $10.95

    Primo – Water Tablet’s Jumbo 10s

    The 10 water tablet paint set with brush from Primo.

  • $6.50

    PRIMO – Water Tablets 12’s 25mm

    Primo gives you the paint pallet of 12 water tablet colours with a paint brush.

  • $11.75

    PRIMO – Watercolour Palette 24s 30mm

    The 24 paint pallet gives you a range of  water colours for you painting needs. With your basic to different shades of colours.


  • $13.50

    PRIMO- Acrylic Tube Paints 12’s

    The case contains 12 tubes of acrylic paints which offer you a clean professional look and finish to your art.

  • $10.95

    PRIMO- Finger Paints Pots 6’s

    The six pot finger paints give you a little more range with your children finger painting. Also they are super washable, so clean up is easy.

  • $16.90

    PRIMO- Poster Paints with Nozzle 6’s

    Ready mix premium  paints from Primo in 75ml  bottles in a pack of 6.

  • $6.50

    Primo- Poster Tube Paint 12ml

    Anti-stain plastic apron.
    This is not a t-shirt, it’s a new friend who wants to have fun and paint with you. It can get full of colorful stains and nothing will happen. In the pockets you can keep a snack for when you get hungry!
  • $34.90

    PRIMO- Pouring 5 Redimix

    Red mixed pouring colours for all your pouring techniques.

  • $5.95

    PRIMO- Safety Pot

    The Safety Pot gives you the convenience of two separate compartments, where you can have clean water and the other for cleaning your paint brush in.

  • $9.55

    PRIMO- Textile Paint Pots 6’s

    For all your fabric painting try these acrylic textile paint pots.

  • $16.50

    PRIMO- Watercolour Tube Paints 12s

    Primo water colour comes in a case of 12 individual paint tubes.

  • $8.95

    SARGENT ART – Tempera Paint 16oz

    Sargent Art 16-OZ Art Time Tempera

  • $6.50

    Water Tablet’s With Brush

    12 Water tablet paint pallet with paint brush.

    Small and easy to travel with.

    Primo Water tablet paints 12’s

  • $11.95

    REEVES Oil Pastels 12s

    These pastels are suitable for use in classrooms or at home and can be used on paper, card and canvas. Can be used dry for drawing and sketching or when used with turpentine they can be blended with a brush.

  • $12.35

    REEVES Soft Pastels 12s

    Extremely soft and easy to apply, they are perfect for color blending and are suitable for use on textured paper or card. 12 square pastels  per pack.

  • $15.90

    SARGENT ART Poster Paints 12s

    These water soluble, washable paints dry to a non-permanent finish. They can be used on cardboard, posterboard and similar materials. 12 piece set includes 2 metallic colours.

  • $7.50

    SARGENT ART Poster Paints 6s

    These paints thin easily with water, and dry to a brilliant finish. Paints clean up with soap and water. Can be used on cardboard, poster-board or paper. Great for home or school. Includes 6 bright colors.

  • $7.40

    PELIKAN Poster Paints 6s

    Water soluble washable paints in assorted colors. 6 x 25ml tubs

  • $10.95

    SARGENT ART Acrylic Paints 6s

    6 Quality Acrylic Colors. Dry permanent and waterproof. Sargent Art Acrylic Paints mix together well to create new colors.

  • $19.95

    SARGENT ART Acrylic Paints 12s

    12 Quality acrylic colors mix together well to create new colors. Dry permanent and waterproof.