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  • $42.50

    Casio 10 Digit Calculator

    10-Digit Display Pink Color

    Extra Large display Display

    Independent Memory

    Time Calculations, Tax Calculations, 3-Digit Comma Markers,

    Profit Margin %, Back Space Key

    Solar powered with battery backup

  • $21.75

    Casio HS8VA 8 Digit Calculator

    A large 8 digit calculator, plastic keys, percent key , +/- sign change, MU key, square root, dual power, silver casing and comes with a protective wallet. This HS-8VA model is the perfect addition to any office or classroom, and its dual solar/battery power means that this calculator will not waste battery power when there is enough light present.

  • $46.85

    Casio MS-80B 8 Digit Calculator

    Two-way Power: Solar and Battery

    Large 8 digit display

    Desktop calculator

    Tax and Currency conversion, Function and Command Signs

    On and Off buttons, Profit margin %, +/-, Key Rollove

  • $21.50

    Sharp EL240S 8 Digit Calculator

    • Extra Large Display – 8-digit LCD display with punctuation
    • Twin Power Solar Operation – automatically switches from solar to battery power in low light
    • 3-Key Memory – includes memory plus, memory minus and recall/clear memory keys
    • Additional Features – percent square root keys and sign change keys, last answer function, and slant display
  • $42.50

    Bazic Desktop Calculator

    12-Digit Desktop Calculator w/ Profit Calculation & Tax Functions

  • $10.95

    Merangue 8 Digit Dual Powered Mini Calculator

    • 8 digit, dual powered
    • Auto power off
    • Memory keys, square root, percentage
    • Bright colours – black, white, pink, green, blue
  • $14.95

    Merangue Desk Top Calculator

    • 12 digit, dual powered
    • Auto power off
    • Grand total, mark up, memory, square root, percentage keys
  • $29.95

    CANON LS82Z 8-digit

    8 digit extra large angled display. Compact size. Solar/Battery powered. 3.25″ x 4.25″ approximate size.

  • $55.95

    CANON HS-1200-TS 12-digit

    12 digit, large upright display, attractive metallic finish. Solar/battery powered. Tax, grand, total and sign change keys. Business and sales calculations. 6.75″ x 4.75″ approximate size.

  • $38.95

    CANON LS-100TS 10-digit

    10 digit large display, attractive metallic finish. Solar/battery powered. Easy to use tax keys, business and sales calculations. 5.25″ x 4″ approximate size.

  • $34.50

    SHARP EL-334T 10-digit

    Extra-large 1-line, 10-digit LCD. Dual-power, switches from solar to battery power in low light. Kick-stand converts calculator from handheld to desktop. Large rubberized buttons, 4-key memory.