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  • $7.45

    3 Ring Mesh Rainbow Stripes Pouch

    • Unique fashion weave allows for visibility of pouch contents
    • 3 Rings for insertion into binders
  • $5.50

    Bazic – Glitter Glue 120 ml

    4 Oz. (120 mL) Silver/Gold/Iridescent Color Glitter Glue

    Sold Singularly

  • $6.50

    Bazic – Glitter Glue 200 ml

    6.76 Oz. (200 mL) Iridescent/Silver/Gold Color Glitter Glue

    Sold Singularly

  • $6.50

    Bazic – Glitter Neon Glue 200 ml

    6.76 Oz. (200 mL) Neon Color Glitter Glue

    Sold Singularly

  • $4.30

    BAZIC Coloured Mini Clothes Pins

    BAZIC mini coloured clothes pin can be use for all kinds of crafts, gifts, home decorations, holiday items, school projects, and more.

  • $6.50

    Campap – Glossy Colour Paper

    High Quality 80 gram paper. Each package contains 20 sheets of assorted colours.


    Great for all craft and decorative works.

  • $18.70

    CREATIVE ARTS 1000 Tri-Beads

    1000 Tri-beads in a resealable bag great for art & craft projects.

  • $8.95

    CREATIVE ARTS Fluffy Feathers Duck Quills

    Assorted duck quill feathers great for any art & craft project.

  • $6.95

    CREATIVE ARTS Fluffy Feathers Marabou

    Brightly coloured soft textured feathers excellent for art & craft activities and decorations.

  • $7.00


    50 Bright assorted pom poms for art & craft projects,in resealable bag.

  • $11.50

    Elmers Foam Board 20″ x 30″ x 3/16″ – White

    Elmer’s white foam board is built strong and rigid to resist denting and crushing, all while keeping a lightweight profile. The resilient polystyrene core bounces back after cutting to keep the foam board uniform edge to edge. The smooth surface works impeccably with markers, paint, and a variety of other craft decorations. Perfect for crafts, school projects, framing and mounting!

  • $14.95

    ELMERS Swirl Glam Glue

    4 colourful swirl patterned glitter glue tubes. Great for decorating or jazzing up artwork and projects of all kinds. Colours include pink & green swirls, blue & purple swirls, orange & yellow swirls, and blue & green swirls.

  • $4.95

    Glitter Construction Paper Pad 9×12″

    BAZIC 30 Count 9 inches by 12 inches Glitter Construction Paper Pad.

    • Ideal for cutting, glueing, and folding
    • Heavy weight
    • 30 sheets


  • $10.50

    Mesh Rainbow Stripes Pouch

    • See-thru mesh pencil pouch can also be used to store items in your backpack or locker
    • Can even double as a makeup pouch
  • $31.50

    Reeves Lino Roller

    • 2.5″ (65mm) Rubber Roller
    • Plastic Handle
    • Perfect For Lino Craft
    • Ideal For Beginners & Professionals
  • $8.95

    SARGENT ART – Tempera Paint 16oz

    Sargent Art 16-OZ Art Time Tempera

  • $9.95

    Sargent Art Watercolour Pencils

    High-quality watercolour pencils, in classic hexagonal shape,with water colour leads,can be used dry or blended with water. 12 assorted colours.

  • $10.75

    SCOLA Textile Paints

    6 assorted bright neon colour textile paints.600ml

  • $14.50

    Sequins with Spangles, 4 Oz. Bag

    • Charles Leonard Glittering – Sequins with Spangles, 4 Oz. Bag, 40425
    • Assorted
  • $5.50

    Sidewalk Chalk Fluorescent Bucket 15s

    Fluorescent Sidewalk Chalk in a Bucket

  • $29.85

    STAEDTLER Ergosoft Triangular Coloured Pencils – 24 count

    • Hexagonal colouring pencil
    • Anti-Break System (ABS) for uninterrupted creativity
    • Lacquered in lead colour for easy identification and differentiation of colours
    • Smooth, easy to sharpen and colour-intensive results
  • $12.95

    STAEDTLER Noris Club Wax Crayons – Box of 8

    Especially break-resistant; Pack of 8

  • $22.75

    STAEDTLER Noris Club wax Crayons – Triangular – 10 Colours

    Wax crayon in ergonomic triangular shape for relaxed and easy colouring. Ideal for first writing and drawing exercises. Highly break-resistant

  • $5.85

    Tissue Paper – Assorted Colours

    Tissue paper for all your crafts and gifting needs.

    $5.85 for pk of 13

  • $6.25

    Turkey Feathers Bright Colors 14 Grams/Bag

    • Natural turkey feathers
    • Vivid colors
    • Great for all craft projects
    • Non-toxic
  • $3.59

    CRAYOLA Crayons 8s

    Regular size colouring crayons. Bright colours. Non toxic. 8/pack.

  • $6.30

    CRAYOLA Crayons 16s

    Regular size colouring crayons. Bright colours. Non toxic. 16/pack.

  • $7.85

    CRAYOLA Crayons 24s

    Regular size colouring crayons. Bright colours. Non toxic. 24/pack.

  • $4.05

    STABILO Wax Crayons 12s

    Non Toxic. Easy colouring, vivid colours. Twelve attractive colours.

  • $8.40

    CRAYOLA Triangular Crayons 8s

    Promotes proper writing grip. Great for colouring & drawing, will not roll off a table or desk. Strong large size. Includes tray & plastic lid for storage.