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  • $1.75

    1-1/2″ x 2″ Adhesive Notes NEON

    Removable self-stick notes, 1-1/2″x 2″ NEON yellow, pink, orange, blue  100 sheets per pad.

  • $3.95

    5″ Scholar Scissor

    Safety children’s scissors, bladeless
    Cute design for young children

  • $5.95

    7” Scholar Scissor

  • $15.45

    Advil Liqui-Gels – 200mg

    Life moves fast – you need a pain reliever that moves fast too. Advil® Liqui-Gels® relieve headaches, backaches, muscle aches, menstrual pain, minor arthritis and other joint pain, and body aches & pains of the flu.

  • $3.60

    Aeroplast Instant Ice Pack – 4×5″ 100g

    The AEROPLAST Instant Ice Pack is immediately ready for use in an emergency – no pre chilling or freezing required.

  • $20.95

    Aidata Desktop Copy Holder

    Adjustable viewing angles
    Adjustable clip for different paper sizes
    Built-in pen holder
    Front page clip

  • $5.30

    Airwick Air Freshener Sprays 4 in 1 (8 oz)

    Eliminates odors, freshens air, last up to one hour, and acts in seconds. 8oz spray can.

  • $4.30

    BAZIC Coloured Mini Clothes Pins

    BAZIC mini coloured clothes pin can be use for all kinds of crafts, gifts, home decorations, holiday items, school projects, and more.

  • $5.25

    BAZIC Glitter Tape 1.88″ x 3yards Assorted

    Ideal for Scrapbooking, Decorating, Signage and labelling

  • $33.95

    CANON F605 Scientific Calculator

    10+2 digit exponent high contrast LCD display, 154 functions, battery powered. Protective case included.

  • $66.95

    CANON Scientific Calculator F-792SGA

    • Easy to see natural display. 648 functions including LCM, GCD Function, Quotient & Remainder, Random Integers, Probability Distribution Calculations, Complex Number Calculation and more
    • 38 built-in formulas
    • Shell is made from recycled plastic
  • $20.50

    Chalkboard Tape (Black)

    • Just cut, peel and stick
    • Write-on with chalk
    • Erase with a tissue, cloth or chalk eraser
  • $13.30

    Charmin Ultra Strong Bath Tissue – White (4/Pack)

  • $6.25

    CL- Self-Adhesive Hello Name Tags

    • Quick and easy way to identify people, objects and a job well done
    • Self adhesive backing
    • Used to help identify students
    • “Hello My name is”
    • Dimensions: 3.38″ x 2.25″
  • $1.95

    CLi Staple Remover

    CLi Standard Staple Remover

  • $13.75$13.95

    CONCORD Lever Arch Files A4 size

    Executive, attractive and durable. Metal reinforced finger ring, arch slots,  cover shoes and index labels on spine. A4 size available in Jet Black and Gold

  • $5.50

    COUNTY Cover Film

    Self adhesive, peel and stick plastic material, provides flexible, durable and washable protection for books, maps, photos etc.  33cm x 1m

  • $18.70

    CREATIVE ARTS 1000 Tri-Beads

    1000 Tri-beads in a resealable bag great for art & craft projects.

  • $8.95

    CREATIVE ARTS Fluffy Feathers Duck Quills

    Assorted duck quill feathers great for any art & craft project.

  • $6.95

    CREATIVE ARTS Fluffy Feathers Marabou

    Brightly coloured soft textured feathers excellent for art & craft activities and decorations.

  • $7.00


    50 Bright assorted pom poms for art & craft projects,in resealable bag.

  • $5.25

    DEGASA Cotton Balls

    Cotton wool balls are made from 100% pure cotton. Perfect for skincare and beauty needs. Contains approximately 100 per bag.

  • $7.95$8.50

    Economy Shoulder Leather Palm Gloves

    - SIZE: L- XL
  • $17.95

    Elmers Carpenters Wood Filler – 16oz

    Elmer’s carpenter’s wood filler fills blemishes and sands easily to a smooth finish. Paintable and sandable. Resists shrinking and cracking. Easy water clean-up. Solvent free.

  • $10.95

    Elmers Carpenters Wood Filler – 8oz

    Elmer’s Carpenter’s Color Change Wood Filler (8oz) dries white and is good for indoor wood repair projects. Watch as it goes on purple and dries white when ready to paint, stain or sand! Use it to fix holes, dents, scratches, gouges and any other defects on interior wood surfaces. After the color changes, easily finish and stain or paint your project to make the wood look just like new!

  • $14.95

    ELMERS Swirl Glam Glue

    4 colourful swirl patterned glitter glue tubes. Great for decorating or jazzing up artwork and projects of all kinds. Colours include pink & green swirls, blue & purple swirls, orange & yellow swirls, and blue & green swirls.

  • $14.25

    ENERGIZER 9V Batteries

    Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application.

  • $17.50

    ENERGIZER AA Batteries 4pk

    Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application.

  • $17.50

    ENERGIZER AAA Batteries 4pk

    Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application.


  • $16.85

    EXPO Dry Erase RETRACTABLE Marker Chisel Tip

    Set contains 3 dry erase low odor markers. For use on Whiteboards, Glass and most non-porous surfaces. Retractable Set contains Blue, Red and Black Marker