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  • $16.30

    S/ART Watercolour Tube Paint Set 12s

    A great starter kit for students, crafters or hobbyists. Non-toxic and safe. 12 concentrated colors, easy to dilute.

  • $24.25

    REEVES Acrylic Paint Set 12s

    High pigment concentration for excellent light fastness, strong vibrant colours and outstanding coverage. The superior acrylic resin used guarantees excellent adhesion and a free flowing consistency. 12 x 10ml tubes

  • $0.95$2.40

    White Bristle Flat Paint Brushes Assorted sizes

    Pure white hog bristles, rust proof aluminium ferrules, long natural finish hardwood handles. Available in sizes 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8.

  • $3.55

    CLI Stubby Brush

    Short, thick hard wood handle designed for small children. White hog bristles, rust proof aluminium ferrules.

  • Placeholder

    SARGENT ART Stubby Paint Brush

    Large size and easy-grip shape are perfect for children. All-natural bristles, durable wooden handle.

  • $1.75$4.65

    Water Colour Paint Brushes assorted sizes

    Pointed head fine camel hair brushes, aluminium ferrules. Standard length hardwood handles. Available in sizes: 1-8, 10 + 12.

  • $7.50

    Flat Bristle Brush Set for Oil Paints

    Set of 3 Reeves flat bristles brushes for oil paints.

  • $14.95

    Reeves – Acrylic Paint Brush Set

    • Suitable for acrylic paint
    • 4 different standard sizes
    • High quality brush
    • For many, painter, and beginner painting hobby
  • $7.65

    REEVES Painting Knife Set

    Set includes five assorted Painting and Palette knives for painting onto canvas. These knives are flexible and can be used for mixing and for creating textures.