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  • $5.95

    Disposable Shoe Covers

    Whether you don’t want to get your newest or most expensive pair of shoes dirty, want to keep your shoes dry on a rainy day, or want possible extra foot protection at the airport when you have to take your shoes off at TSA, these plastic Disposable Shoe Covers will come in handy! The protectors are blue and come equipped with an extremely stretchable elastic band to fit almost all shoe sizes. Comes with three pairs, or six total covers.,6 Pack Shoe Covers (3 pairs),

  • $17.85

    Ink Rollers For Calculators

  • $16.90

    Light Up Arm Band

    Light-up colours in steady and flashing mode
    • Keeps you safe and seen at night, perfect for outdoor sports, running, or as light up custom accessory for parties
    • Stretchy band provides comfort and helps to ensure your armband stays on
    • Batteries included: 2 x CR2032

  • $29.95

    UV Detector Pen

    The Ultra Violet (UV) and Magnetic (MG) Detector Pen is specifically designed to be portable and easy to use.

    The UV LED will highlight any fluorescent markings on all major currencies making them visible to the human eye.

    The MG head will signal when it detects any special magnetic inks.