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  • $27.95

    Fabric Roller 65mm

    Block print onto textiles and fabric with this specially designed roller. This absorbent fabric roller is designed to pickup and transfer thinner water-based inks, like screen printing ink or fabric paint, which would be too slippery for a normal roller, and transfer it to a Lino block for printing. A great tool which opens-up new possibilities when block printing onto fabric.

  • $27.95

    Ink Roller 75mm Professional

    This heavyweight professional roller helps artists achieve perfect printing results time after time. Featuring a medium-hard (60 shore) machine-ground EPDM rubber roller with a large (122mm / 4.5”) circumference this roller holds a greater quantity of ink and offers an enhanced pickup and transfer. The greater ink coverage is especially useful on larger printing blocks and allows smooth, consistent and accurate printing

  • $15.50

    Roller Massager

    Stress relief
    • Extends to 20″
    • Rotating massager head
    • Collapsible for compact storage

  • $6.95

    Snopake Mini Correction Roller

    Designed in an elegant Electra Purple with a smooth contoured surface, it has a thumb grip and rubber finger pad for maximum accuracy and comfort. The ultra-smooth dry white tape covers mistakes instantly and is ready immediately for re-writing.

  • $9.15

    UHU Glue Roller

    Dispenses glue tape for fast, clean and precise gluing of paper, cardboard and photos. With integrated cap for tape protection and tape tightening screw to adjust tape tension. Tape size: 6.5mm x 8.5m.

  • $19.95

    CROSS Roller Ball Refills

    Roller Ball Refills to fit Cross Rollerball Pens.

    CR-8523   medium black,   CR-8521  medium blue