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  • $12.95

    MAPED Coloured Jumbo Triangular Pencils 12’s

    Jumbo Triangular Coloured Pencils have an extra thick triangular shape that is easy to grip – perfect for young artists and those who might struggle with gripping a standard pencil.

  • $23.50

    MAPED My First Jumbo Markers 12s

    • Creates a steady flow of ink with smooth and consistent colour.
    • Outfitted with a seal tight cap that prevents ink from drying.
    • Decked with an innovative tip that facilitates superior writing performance.
  • $5.95

    MAPED Wax Easy Grip Jumbo Crayons 12s

    12 Jumbo wax crayons with paper sleeves to keep hands clean. Large triangular shape for easy, comfortable grip. 12 bright vivid colours.

  • $12.95

    PRIMO – Crayons Jumbo 12s

    Jumbo wax crayons, 12 colours, with plastic knife and 12 wrapping labels to apply.
    These wax-based crayons leave a vivid and shiny mark on paper or cardboard, even better on rough paper. With their ergonomic jumbo shape they are easy to use for young children and suitable for artists of all ages. Colours can be applied in multiple layers. They do not make your hands dirty.

  • $21.95

    PRIMO – Jumbo Fibre Tip Pens 24’s

    Jumbo fibre-tip pens, 24 colours. Jumbo fibre-tip pens are easy to hold. You will get a big, medium or thin line based on the inclination of the marker.

  • $18.95

    PRIMO – Jumbo Triangular Coloured Pencils 12s

    Jumbo triangular coloured pencils, lacquered, 12 colours. These jumbo triangular coloured pencils have a special ergonomic shape which helps even the youngest artists to draw easily.

  • $16.50

    PRIMO- Coloured Pencils Jumbo 12s

    Coloured jumbo pencils, hexagonal, lacquered, 12 colours. Thanks to their ergonomic jumbo shape, they are ideal for young children. Tones are vivid and bright. Marks can be overlapped and mixed together to obtain soft chiaroscuro effects. Suitable for any type of paper.

  • $2.90

    Jumbo Paperclips nickel

    Jumbo size #2 smooth nickel finish paper clips, 100/box.

  • $4.95

    Jumbo Paperclips PVC coated

    JUmbo size 50mm, PVC coated paperclips. 100 clips in assorted colours/box.

  • $9.45

    PRIMO Mixing Square Palette 8 Well

    Mixing square palette with 8 jumbo wells.